iMEC™ Technology


Identified in 1865 by the Italian physicist E. Villari, reverse magnetostriction is a property of ferromagnetic materials in which applied changes in strain result in changes in the material’s magnetic field.  Research on magnetostriction over the past 50 years has focused on the creation of increasingly powerful alloys for small- scale sensors, actuators and transducers.  Unfortunately, these alloys have been too expensive and rare to work for power generation at any material scale.


Oscilla Power pioneered the development of mechanical and electromagnetic systems that allow cost-effective, highly scalable magnetostrictive alloys to produce significant quantities of energy in specific environments.  OPI Downhole has partnered with Oscilla Power to use the patented iMEC technology platform to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy in manner that is low-cost, scalable, flexible, predictable, robust and efficient in the downhole environment. 


We have demonstrated that low-cost magnetostrictive alloys can produce magnetic flux changes approaching the remnant magnetization of rare-earth permanent magnets with nothing other than the iMEC platform and mechanical load changes. Our technology and our predictive models have been validated through extensive prototype testing in the lab as well as through due diligence by numerous leading energy companies.  In the summer of 2013, an iMEC-enabled wave energy harvester prototype, was tested off the coast of New Hampshire.  The system survived several intensive wave events and performed as expected.